About me

Summary of a wonderful life.

Samantha Rocca

Creative Researcher who believes in Beauty.

Hi There, here she is!
Samantha is that girl in the picture! An italian creative who started her career as a Fashion Designer. Graduated in Milan, she flew to London to work as a Product Delevoper for Vivienne Westwood. The UK opened her eyes to the creative world.
Back to Italy she realized that Luxury Market was her speciality.
For 4 years she was in charge of the development of Michael Kors Womenswear collections supervising exclusive projects for big personalities.
Thanks to her creative mindset, she specialized as a Trend Forecaster and became a member of ColorColoris-Intercolor, a cool hunting association based in Milan.
Today Samantha does fashion consultancies for startups and independent brands, and runs her own creative agency of style and restyling.
Webmaster for passion, passionate mom on the web!

Working as a Fashion Designer
Being a Content Creator
Going to the moon